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About Branches In The Vine Music

The core mandate and goal of the branches in the vine music is to propagate the gospel of Christ through music.

We strive to work with upcoming Gospel and Christian musicians to develop, create and bring our songs that are in line with the teachings of Christ and help them develop them into world-class songs for the benefit of the Body of Christ and also put in the mainstream media.

Got a song that needs working on? Connect with us today. 

Music Recording

The team at Branches will help you to put your Gospel song together and also record it into a mlodious song. 

Music Development

Got a written song and looking to develop into a music? Our team here will listen to your write-up and put melody behind it.

Musical Production

After developing and fine-tuning your song, we also help in producing and getting the song out for use in the Body of Christ. 

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